LifeSchool is a program by the Center for Peace Through Culture that trains teachers in yoga, mindfulness, and meditation so that they are better able to maintain calmness and creativity in their increasingly stressful classrooms and in their own lives.

The program has been instituted in five schools in Berkshire County, Massachusetts and the goal is to spread from there.

The Center for Peace through Culture was founded on the belief that by supporting the growth and well-being of the individual, we can create a better world.

Using ancient eastern traditions and the latest in western science, we educate and empower people and communities to live more creatively and peacefully.

In increasingly stressful times, LifeSchool focuses on the well-being of our youngest children and their teachers, bringing meditation, mindfulness, creativity and joy into the classroom.

The LifeSchool Program enables our teachers to embody and model the calm and resilience necessary for children to learn, not only for their academic studies, but also how to become compassionate and emotionally intelligent human beings.